1. Welcome to Sun Yeh?Control Valve Group Co., Ltd.

                Development History


                In the process of alkali working, the common Angle Valves that used in heavy alkali lime cream are easy to be eroded, and the replacement cycle can be as fast as 10 days. Our company was committed to developing new products for such condition. At the end of the year, the world's first Ceramic Angle Valves for heavy alkali lime cream was born. This product is designed for high erosion and strong corrosion medium in alkali industry. After practical demonstrations, the Ceramic Angle Valve’s service life is about half a year, which solves the problems of frequent maintenance for customers.


                After two years of market research and product development, the first Full-lined Ceramic Butterfly Valve in China and the first Control Valve of Butterfly-type integrated with Ceramic Ball in the world was born.


                Established workshop in Qsingtao High-tech Zone and set up Sun Yeh Group Co., Ltd..

                Qsingtao's first Full-lined Ceramic Ball Valve was born in Sun Yeh Control Valve Group.


                Established Qsingtao Sun Yeh Automatic Engineering Co., Ltd., introduce SUN YEH brand products to the mainland for sale and promotion, and set up the general storehouse and technical center.